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Bridal Bliss on AM Northwest February 25, 2008

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Did you catch Nora Totonchy, President of Bridal Bliss on AM Northwest this morning? She gives great advice on how to avoid common wedding mistakes.

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The Party Place February 19, 2008

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the party place

Let The Party Place bring sophistication, style and flair to you wedding. Be it an intimate celebration or one for the masses, nothing but your complete satisfaction will do.

With one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry The Party Place has you covered from tent top to tabletop, in a full range of styles from traditional to contemporary. We offer tenting, tables and chairs, along with a variety of china, flatware, specialty linens and centerpieces. Our mission is to offer you the utmost quality in rental items from the most experienced customer service staff in town. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff assist you in planning a dream wedding that guests will be talking about long after the last dance

Family owned and operated, with two locations to serve you, we are Portland’s leading full-service event rental company and we look forward to serving your wedding rental needs. For more information please contact us or visit our website.

The Party Place
1211 North Loring Street
Portland, OR 97227


10101 SE Stark Avenue
Portland, OR 97216


Tips : Greening Your Wedding February 7, 2008

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PDX Pedicab

If you’re interested in greening your wedding, one extremely important consideration is location. Say it with me… “location, location, location!” I’m not simply talking about which venue you choose, I’m speaking of the big picture, the proximity of your wedding, reception and other wedding-related sites. Keeping it all within walking distance is one of the best ways to make your wedding more eco-friendly.

But what about those guests that can’t walk even the shortest distances? If you select the Pearl District as the location for your wedding, you can hire PDX Pedicab to tote around all of your guests that need a ride from site to site.

Pedi-cure? No. Pedi-cab. Can’t conjure up an image of what that looks like?

PDX Pedicab

Pretty cool, huh? Note that there is even a protective cab cover in the event of rain.

If you attend the Perfectly Pearl modern bridal event on March 1, you can take a closer look and even take a spin in a pedicab. During the event, PDX Pedicab is providing shuttle service to and from the Smart Park at Station Place (where we recommend that you park!) to the Ecotrust Building at 721 NW 9th Avenue.

PDX Pedicab
1007 SW Morrison St
Portland, Oregon 97266


New Sponsor & Participants February 6, 2008

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We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new sponsor, MOViN 107.5 and three new participants: The Party Place, Holland Studios and Bridal Bliss.

As we get closer to March 1, we’ll unveil new participants every week, so check back often.  We’re working on some exciting new additions…


Finding the perfect man was hard enough… February 5, 2008

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Bridal Bliss

Planning the perfect wedding doesn’t have to be that difficult!

Nora Totonchy, President of Bridal Bliss wrote the following article on why you should consider hiring a wedding coordinator. We think it’s great and wanted to share it with our readers.

Be sure to visit Bridal Bliss at the Perfectly Pearl Modern Bridal Event on March 1!

Why Hire A Coordinator?

Here you are, flipping through dozens of bridal magazines, your eyes still blurry from searching online, and the thought of one more wedding detail could drive you insane. There is a stunning new diamond ring on your finger, a wedding in the near future, and you are becoming more and more frustrated every second. Who would have thought planning your wedding would be such a comprehensive and exhausting experience? You had envisioned your engagement as a blissful time where you and your fiancé could become closer, but trying to accomplish so many different arrangements on a very brief lunch break or weekend has robbed you of that.

You are trying to make everyone happy, stay on budget, organize your checklists, and at the same time keep up with a full-time job. The once charming and graceful bride-to-be has now become irritable and frazzled. Something you may not have thought about, but that could save you enormous amounts of time, energy, money, and stress, is hiring a wedding coordinator.

Many brides today are working women with little extra time to devote to planning this special event. A good wedding consultant can guide you in the right directions when it comes to vendors and reception locations, bypassing hours of research. You make the decisions and your planner brings them to life. Surprising to many, wedding consultants are often able to negotiate more effectively and therefore save you significant amounts of money. These planners frequently network with several bridal shops, photographers, florists, and so on. By continually working with these contacts, special rates are passed on to you, the client.

Your planner can keep your budget on track and ensure that all of the intricate details are being carefully looked after. Coordinators provide several different services ranging from coordinating all the details, to managing specific areas of planning, or facilitating the wedding day only. Planning a wedding should be a blissful time in your life, not one full of stress. With a helping hand, you can have the time you need to spend with your fiancé and finally relax as the gracious and charming woman you deserve to be. Let a coordinator take care of all of the intricacies and handle the details while you enjoy your engagement and wedding stress-free.

Bridal Bliss
17050 SW Pilkington Road Suite #210
Lake Oswego, OR 97035


Managing your “I Do” List with Russell + Hazel February 4, 2008

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Russell + Hazel

Planning a wedding is a real exercise in organization. It’s the biggest single event of your life and you want it to be perfect. Even if you have a wedding planner—and yes, we suggest that you do—your life will be a whirlwind of decisions, meetings and information.

Say “I do” to the Russell + Hazel organization system and start your planning with a K.I.S.S…. keep it simple, sister!

Here’s a good idea from Russell + Hazel on how to organize your “I Do” list:

Errands, thank yous, call-backs, chores, reservations, gifts—thank goodness for to-do lists. How would we get anything done without them? But even this simplest of organizing tools has room for improvement. The result of years of to-do trial and error, we bring you advice for drafting lists that do more.

1. Keep it together: Tasks scribbled on scraps or Post-it Notes are fine—until you want to check back and verify that something got done. With a dedicated notebook or spiral pad for to-dos, you can always consult old lists and even track the date it happened. When the inevitable loose list comes along, staple it in.

2. Prioritize your items: Long to-do lists can make your workload seem insurmountable, but arranging by due date help relieve the heat. By prioritizing your to-dos by date and/or time, you can knock off the most urgent items and hold off on less pressing ones until your schedule cools.

3. List tomorrow’s to-do’s today: At the end of the work day, take 10 minutes before leaving your desk to create a list of tomorrow’s must-dos while they’re still fresh in your mind. You’ll remember more of the important details and be set to hit the ground running the next day.

4. Break it down: Don’t combine lots of complex steps into a single to-do item. Instead, start with several more easily accomplished chores. With an item like “Plan Party,” where do you begin? But separated into “send invites,” “create menu,” “clean living room,” “grocery run,” and so on, you can make steady progress toward your larger goal.

5. Add fun to-dos, too: It’s your life, after all, so take care to list things you really want to do, not just tasks you have to do. Add a book, movie or play you’ve been meaning to catch. Plan a weekend trip or a personal day away from work. That way, your to-do list feels less “demanding boss” and more “personal assistant.”

Here’s a list of items that will help you accomplish all of your Do’s on the way to “I Do”:


The Pocket Book

To-Do Adhesive Notes

Mini Notebook

Composition Book

See the entire collection of Russell + Hazel products at Ecru Modern Stationer.

Ecru Modern Stationer
1215 NW 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209


Welcome New Participants January 21, 2008

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Divine Designs

Perfectly Pearl welcomes Divine Designs Bridal Boutique and Jamie Crosier Event Management to our ever-growing list of participants. We’ll profile both of these businesses in upcoming posts, but meanwhile check out their websites.

Divine Designs Bridal Boutique
512 NW 17th Avenue

Jamie Crosier Event Management
1917 SW 13th Avenue