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The Bride Wore Ritzy April 23, 2008

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Want an opulent and luxurious wedding? From the New York Times…

We are in a new gilded age (though this is not a good time to remind us how the first one ended), and the weddings have blossomed to match. There was no better place to witness that phenomenon on Monday than the Wedding Salon, a luxury bridezilla convention that was founded by Tatiana Byron and held at Gotham Hall. The entrance fee was $75, but women (almost all were women) lined up around the block. By the end of the day, some 2800 people marched through the hall to talk with florists, caterers and honeymoon specialists.

In New York, luxury weddings are taken to another level: more personalized, more indulgent. A New York wedding could easily run in excess of $100,000, compared to $28,000 for the nationwide average, Ms. Byron said. (Of course, cost is all relative, as some cultures are arguably even more demanding that a wedding be celebrated in grand style).

The chocolate vendors ranged from those who offered personalized M&Ms with the couple’s names or even a custom chocolate profile for the special day.

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