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Location, Location, Location! February 20, 2008

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When deciding on a venue to hold your ceremony or reception, it’s important that it fits your guests, your style and your budget. One thing to keep in mind, according to Jessica Hill with Jessica Hill Photography is an out of the ordinary location near your wedding venue that will add a unique flair to your photos. Jessica has photographed couples at local traveling carnivals, rooftops, industrial warehouses, stadiums, in kayaks, vintage diners, glaciers, museums and in the tops of trees! Always open for adventure, Jessica would love to hear a great place that you might know of!



Art lover? Be sure to get some photos at your favorite gallery! Roller Derby Girl? Stop by the roller rink! Do you both like to cook? Be sure to don an apron and pose in the kitchen where your reception is being held!



“You can always get great unusual photos during your wedding without going too far, or getting your dress too dirty! It’s all about fun and adventure and the photos add such a unique element to your album. No other couple will have the same photos as you and your wedding day story will be a legacy!” Says Jessica, “the images will have a unique juxtaposition because of the traditional locations and ideas people have associated with weddings, yours will create new ways of thinking!”



Jessica Hill Photography
PO Box 10794
Portland, OR 997296


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