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Tips : Greening Your Wedding February 7, 2008

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PDX Pedicab

If you’re interested in greening your wedding, one extremely important consideration is location. Say it with me… “location, location, location!” I’m not simply talking about which venue you choose, I’m speaking of the big picture, the proximity of your wedding, reception and other wedding-related sites. Keeping it all within walking distance is one of the best ways to make your wedding more eco-friendly.

But what about those guests that can’t walk even the shortest distances? If you select the Pearl District as the location for your wedding, you can hire PDX Pedicab to tote around all of your guests that need a ride from site to site.

Pedi-cure? No. Pedi-cab. Can’t conjure up an image of what that looks like?

PDX Pedicab

Pretty cool, huh? Note that there is even a protective cab cover in the event of rain.

If you attend the Perfectly Pearl modern bridal event on March 1, you can take a closer look and even take a spin in a pedicab. During the event, PDX Pedicab is providing shuttle service to and from the Smart Park at Station Place (where we recommend that you park!) to the Ecotrust Building at 721 NW 9th Avenue.

PDX Pedicab
1007 SW Morrison St
Portland, Oregon 97266


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