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Asscher Cut Diamond Ring at Judith Arnell January 26, 2008

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3-stone Asscher diamond ring at Judith Arnell

This gorgeous 3-stone asscher cut diamond ring is one of many styles found at Judith Arnell in the Pearl District. The knowledgeable staff will guide you in picking the perfect ring for your beloved.

Judith Arnell
Your diamond in the Pearl District.
320 NW 10th Ave


One Response to “Asscher Cut Diamond Ring at Judith Arnell”

  1. Jewel Says:

    I always knew the cut of a diamond was important, but I only just understood why.

    Do you remember catching the sunlight on the face of your watch in the classroom? And that by altering the angle of your arm ever so slightly, you could direct the reflected light and focus it on the wall above the teacher’s head (never any closer, surely?!).

    Well, that’s exactly what happens inside a diamond. Light enters the diamond from all sides, bounces off the facets inside the diamond and shines out. If the angles of the cut are too shallow or too deep, the light may bounce off and out the side or the bottom of the diamond. A skilfully cut diamond will allow the light to bounce so that all of it eventually bursts forth through the top of the diamond, showing it off at its sparkling best.

    All diamonds sparkle, but the cut will enhance the sparkle and make the most of it and the best cutting is done by hand.

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