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Things You Should Ask Wedding Photographers January 30, 2008

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Powers Studio Wedding Photography

Powers Studio Wedding Photography offers the the following photography tips:

Q: How many weddings has my photographer photographed in the past year? Month?
A: This is important because wedding photography is a very specific service that requires current practice. The success of a wedding photographer is based heavily on his personality and ability to work well under stress, with strangers.

I can’t stress enough the importance of using a photography studio that only photographs weddings, and a photographer that covers this type of event often and has developed a successful routine.

This type of photographer will spend a great deal of time planning out your photography based on your goals, needs and ideas.

Q: Where did my photographer learn to shoot weddings?
A: The answer to this is important because it will help you determine what style of photographer you are working with.

For example, a photographer with a background in studio photography will probably be more traditional and shoot fewer images. In contrast, a photographer who came from a journalistic background will probably be more candid and shoot a large quantity of images.

Though many will argue on this subject, I have found the above guidelines to typically be true.

Q: How many pictures will my photographer take on my wedding day and what is his/her philosophy regarding this number?
A: This number is based on the type of wedding you are having, and the style of photography you have chosen. Most studios drastically limit the number of images taken to save money. For example, if you read a price sheet that offers 100 or 150 proofs to choose from, or one that includes 175 pictures in a proof album, you are dealing with a studio that dramatically limits the number of images taken to save money.

Many photographers will argue that you simply don’t need to take a large number of images to successfully cover a wedding, however, we disagree.

Though a traditional photographer will usually take fewer photos than a photojournalist, it is still important to not limit this number before the fact. Weddings are so unpredictable and so unique that it is important to be open to any and all photographic opportunities that arise.

I have covered 6 hour weddings that resulted in 600 images, and others that produced over 4000. Though my photographic style was the same at both events, the event itself dictated, in many ways, how many photo opportunities there were. If a photographer arrives at your wedding with a limit in his mind as to how many images he will, or for that matter can (many studios set this limit and charge the photographer if he overshoots!) take, than a very large portion of your wedding day could be missed in your images.

Our photographers are trained to photograph anything and everything at your wedding. We do not limit the quantity of images we take, and give you all of these pictures to keep.

Q: After calling 3-5 past clients of my photographer, do I remain confident in his/her abilities?
A: Any wedding photographer should be able to provide you dozens of references. If he can’t, then you should ask yourself why? Honestly, very few clients ever ask for references when meeting with my studio, however, we stress the importance of doing so. It is one of the best ways to learn about your photographer. Don’t forget, the Better Business Bureau also keeps a up-to-date list of business who perform poorly in the customer service category.

No company can claim a perfect customer service record, however, you can typically determine if a company is operated in an ethical manner – putting the needs and education of the client first. .

Q: After viewing 3-5 complete weddings photographed by my photographer, do I remain confident in his/her abilities to meet my specific style needs?
A: Think about this for a minute…
Many wedding photographers cover 40-100 weddings a year. This means that in 10 years it would not be unusual for a wedding photographer to shoot 400-1000 events. If each event results in an average of 250-1000 images, then during this same period, this photographer will have taken from 100,000 to 1,000,000 wedding photographs.
When sitting in a photography showroom, look around; count how many images you see on the wall. Think about how many weddings you have viewed, taken by YOUR photographer…
It is not hard to produce 10 or 20 absolutely amazing images from a library of 1,000,000. Be smart, take the time to review a thorough sample of work and find a photographer who is not too busy to show you.


Q: Do I clearly understand the difference between film and digital photography and how important .raw shooting and digital editing is to the outcome of my photos?
A: Digital editing makes all the difference in the world! If we give you the digital files without editing them you probably couldn’t even view them on your computer!

Powers Studio Wedding Photography
725 NW Flanders (by appointment only)
Portland, OR 97209


Let Them Eat (Cup)Cakes! January 29, 2008

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Cupcake Jones

Cupcakes are a great addition to any wedding. After all, who doesn’t like frosted bites of cake? This cupcake tower was created by Cupcake Jones and features the following flavors:

Downtown Cupcake Brown
Delicious devil’s food cake filled with sour cream chocolate ganache, topped with rich fudge icing and fresh grated chocolate

The Pearl
White velvet cake filled with vanilla pastry cream, topped with vanilla bean buttercream icing and a single handmade white chocolate pearl.

Find out what Cupcake Jones can do for you on your special day…

Cupcake Jones
307 NW 10th Avenue


Rosendahl Bone China at Relish January 27, 2008

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Rosendahl Bone China at Relish

Simplicity is the best friend of the modern table. White dinnerware is a modern classic with limitless possibilities. It can be dressed up for formal dining or dressed down for a casual dinner with girlfriends. Best of, this Rosendahl Grand Cru place setting is not only beautiful, it’s durable. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. Can you believe it?

See the entire collection of Rosendahl products at Relish.

because design matters
433 NW 10th Avenue


Asscher Cut Diamond Ring at Judith Arnell January 26, 2008

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3-stone Asscher diamond ring at Judith Arnell

This gorgeous 3-stone asscher cut diamond ring is one of many styles found at Judith Arnell in the Pearl District. The knowledgeable staff will guide you in picking the perfect ring for your beloved.

Judith Arnell
Your diamond in the Pearl District.
320 NW 10th Ave


Urban Modern Wedding Bouquets at Old Town Florist January 25, 2008

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Urban Modern Floral at Old Town Florist

Urban Modern. Think monochromatic, clean and elegant. In the heart of the Pearl, where high style weddings are the order of the day, a bridal bouquet of all lime green cymbidium orchids is the perfect fit.

Urban Modern Floral at Old Town Florist

Another urban modern option is a monochromatic palette using gorgeous lady slipper orchids, green hyperium berries and lime green spider mums, finished with a touch of copper ribbon. This is a stunning choice for any bride or bridesmaid in a high style urban wedding.

Old Town Florist
404 NW 10th Avenue


Get your glow on at FEZ Studio January 23, 2008

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FEZ Studio

Kate Somerville is lovingly known as “Hollywood’s secret weapon.” Her signature skincare products and treatments give celebrity skin that radiant glow we all know, love and well… envy.

The first step in getting your glow on is a simple consultation. That’s right. Get a professional assessment regarding your skin type, condition and treatment. Just like anything else, your skin can be improved with the right information and product. Skincare products and treatments are expensive. Why guess when you can put your face in the hands of a professional?

On Sunday, January 27th, Jessica Bibbo, Kate Somerville’s Director of Education will provide complimentary one-on-one skin consultations at FEZ Studio. Consultations are by appointment only and space is limited, so call and book yours today!

FEZ Studio is Oregon’s exclusive retailer of Kate Somerville products and services. More details on the new Kate Somerville skin treatments (i.e. facials) soon…

FEZ Studio
Kate Somerville Event
Sunday, January 27, by appointment
1125 NW 9th Avenue


Welcome New Participants January 21, 2008

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Divine Designs

Perfectly Pearl welcomes Divine Designs Bridal Boutique and Jamie Crosier Event Management to our ever-growing list of participants. We’ll profile both of these businesses in upcoming posts, but meanwhile check out their websites.

Divine Designs Bridal Boutique
512 NW 17th Avenue

Jamie Crosier Event Management
1917 SW 13th Avenue