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Weddings at the Gerding Theater November 9, 2007

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Weddings at the Gerding Theater

The Gerding Theater at the Armory is one of the Pearl District’s most distinguished landmarks. Home to Portland Center Stage, the Gerding is a great place to catch a play, but it’s the perfect place to host your wedding.


The theater offers four event spaces that will comfortably seat 40 to 144 people.

The Gerding Theater at the Armory
128 NW 11th Avenue


12 Responses to “Weddings at the Gerding Theater”

  1. fletcher Says:

    i booked the gerding for my upcoming wedding this fall but have since cancelled. heather burkhalter (the event planner for the gerding) is a FLAKE! she is wonderfully nice, but does not come through on anything. it is impossible to get in touch with her and she does not return calls or emails. i even called her supervisor too see why i hadn’t received a call back and he was not that much better. i have heard from a bride that had her wedding there and was in tears and frustrated all the way up to the wedding—not knowing if it was actually doing to happen! i have since booked my wedding somewhere else and am happy with the attention and responsiveness in the planning process. i knew that as the wedding date approached, i didn’t want to deal with the lack of cooperation from the gerding. it is a beautiful setting, but not worth the stress.

  2. sandy patrick Says:

    Heather has been great! The Gerding theater is a great space and i know that heather works her ass off. In planning my wedding heather stepped up to coordinate so many parts to make my wedding day truly special.

  3. sunnyalways Says:

    I’ve loved Heather’s can-do attitude about every part of our wedding. Ours is going to be a little complicated, and every idea we’ve had, she’s committed to making happen. I would SO much get married at a place with a flexible, creative coordinator, than somewhere that’s a traditional wedding spot and there’s only one way of doing things.

  4. Stephanie Warden Says:

    I am having my wedding at the Gerding this summer and I have to say that the initial comment regarding Heather is rediculous. She sat down with me and my fiance for 3 HOURS and we went over everything and she has even helped us find the DJ of our dreams. I cannot believe that someone could find Heather to be a flake. She’s running on of the most covetted venue spots in town, its going to take a day to get back. I’m pretty glad that the first commenter cancelled because she sounds like a Bridezilla! PCS is gorgeous and I can’t wait for my special day to be there!

  5. CC Coordinator Says:

    Heather is truly fabulous…for anyone in the business, we know that the Gerding Theater at the Armory is the hottest place to hold any event right now, especially a wedding! Of course she is busy!!! For the bride at the top, I am extremely sad that you would openly call someone a flake…maybe your just a little too high maintenance and she did not have a plethera of hours to spend with you on the phone or in person for that matter. But honestly everyone and every bride should make sure that the vendors and relationships you choose to build on your wedding day should be favorable to both sides. Be nice, be happy…your getting married! And always remember the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated. I am getting married in a month at the Gerding and Heather has gone above and beyond. I can’t wait until the special day and I know she will be doing everything in her power to make it perfect as well!
    Thank you Heather!

  6. drmac Says:

    I just wanted to respond to fletcher’s comment, posted on February 3rd… I have planned my wedding at the Gerding for this summer, and prior to choosing this location, I visited with at least 25 other on-location event planners, everywhere from the coast to Bend. (I definitely did my research, as I am very particular about important decisions in my life, and I am a perfectionist to a fault) I was sadly disappointed and frustrated with many of those who I met, but I found just the opposite in Heather at the Gerding. She was friendly, fantastic, helpful, professional, creative, enthusiastic, and timely in her responses to every call, email, and meeting, from the first day that I contacted her. It was such a relief to find someone who would work WITH me and not try to roadblock all of my creative ideas and kill my fun. I don’t know what you are smoking, but I think that the problem sounds like your own. Too bad for you… The Gerding is an amazing place for any bride (and groom) to have an opportunity to get married or hold her reception at, and I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful person there to lead the coordination of this special event. I feel 110% confident that every single detail of my wedding day will be accounted for, and there is no other event planner that I could possibly have had this confidence in. In fact, I decided not to hire an independent wedding consultant just because she has been so helpful. Thank you so much to Heather and the Gerding theater. I am so looking forward to the Party of 2008!

  7. Shelley Lindland Says:

    I got married in August at the Gerding and it was perfect! Heather was so helpful and really helped us create the perfect setting for our wedding. Many of my guests told my parents that it was the best wedding they had ever attended and I give so much credit to Heather for making that happen. All the way up to the wedding she was constantly helping with the small things and was great at problem solving and very supportive when we hit a few bumps in the road. The staff was great and did so much with so few people and they were fun to be around on the night of the event. I am so glad I was able to get married there because it is a truely unique spot that offers something different than so many other places I had visited in my planning. Thank you for making my wedding day just how I imagined it.

  8. Heather Stammer Says:

    Heather is WONDERFUL!!! I met her almost a year ago when we started our wedding planning and she has been tremendous to work with. I’ve been planning big events in Portland for more than 10 years and its rare to find someone that is excited to work with you, responisive, flexible, good at her job and getting things done, and most importantly – an absolute pleasure to work with!!

    I love the comment above- Be nice, be happy…your getting married! And always remember the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated. Well said!

  9. The Gerding Theater was a fabulous venue for my wedding (last fall) and I was very pleased with how attentive their events planner was to all the details, and as a result, my wedding was perfect. Heather Burkhalter was an angel and treated me and my fiance like we were her only concern, all the time (yes, i was a bit needy and she was soooo accommodating and always available for me). Contrary to the comment left by Bridezilla, Heather was organized and VERY networked…she knew the perfect DJ, Caterer, wine we should serve…everything. She even pulled in a favor and hooked us up with an awesome limo ride to the airport after our planned transportation company bailed THE DAY OF THE CEREMONY!! I can’t even imaging Heather having an ‘off’ day…she was so full of energy and so dedicated to making my day perfect that I have already recommended the Gerding Theater as wedding venues for three of my friends who are currently engaged…all because of Heather B.

  10. mc Says:

    I am getting married at Portland Center Stage in June and I am very happy with my experience with booking the space. It is a beautiful space and Heather is very helpful. She has great ideas, knows what works within the space, and has helped me plan my wedding. She is friendly, knowledgeable and fun to work with. It is sad to here that someone didn’t have a great experience, but it just leaves another Bride happy because now the space is open.
    Thanks Heather

  11. The A's Says:


    It’s too bad that you don’t own the Gerding, because I swear, this is one time I wish you could refuse the right to service in Fletcher’s case…!

    For everyone else, we were recently wed in January, and I’d have to reiterate everyone’s experiences with Heather. We had an absolutely stunning wedding, and we couldn’t have done it without her. Heather helped with every last detail, was encouraging and cheerful throughout the entire process, and was an absolute gem to work with. We actually threw a lot at her, gave her lots of changes, and she completely rolled with it, and was able to help us and our families every step of the way, including on our actual wedding day.

    My wife and I have had countless people comment on how unbelievably perfect our wedding was, and that falls completely on the professionalism and efforts of Heather and her team, and the partners she chose for us ( Farel & Ten01, Lavish, etc ).

    Thanks again for the perfect day, Heather! Poo on you, Fletcher!

  12. Ashley Says:

    I’m actually stunned at how rude Fletcher’s comment was….granted, weddings are stressful but blaming someone over a blog is extremely innappropriate.

    Heather is an amazing coordinator at the Gerding and I can’t imagine doing her job with the amount of work that is dumped on her. Heather not only gave us amazing service but also wonderful recommendations for catering, music, etc and was always willing to do anything she could to help us out!

    Fletcher, it’s saddening that you felt it so necessary to slam Heather on a blog rather than address your concerns privately. I think you owe Heather a public apology!

    Heather, we can’t tell you how perfect our wedding was and how much we appreciated all your help! You do a great job and I wouldn’t let some dumb bridezilla even make you think you don’t!!!

    A & A

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