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engagement shoots November 7, 2007

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engagement shoots

Engagement shoots have become an increasingly popular part of wedding photography. According to Kevin Meyers, there is every reason to book an e-shoot and very little reason to pass it up. A seasoned wedding photographer,Meyers has learned from experience what a critical difference those 90 minutes can make.

“Many clients that I’ve spoken with ask what they can save by removing the e-shoot from the packages I offer. It’s not really a matter of what they’ll save, but what they will lose by doing so. This simple 90-minute session makes an undeniable difference in their wedding photography. It sets the tone of our relationship and experience throughout the entire process.”

Meyers’ goal with both the e-shoot and the wedding shoot is to allow his clients to remain focused on each other, not the camera. As they say… practice makes perfect.

“With an e-shoot, clients have the opportunity to experience the way I work,” explains Meyers. “You’ll know exactly what to expect. I’ll fade into the background and you’ll stop posing for the camera. My limited influence and perceived presence lets your personality shine. This will allow natural moments to happen that will create the photos you’ll love most. Being comfortable with my presence and working style allows that to happen.”

Great photos aren’t the only reason for an e-shoot. Getting to know the client–how they interact and display emotions–helps the photographer know which wedding day moments truly reflect the client’s personality.

“Getting to know people is pretty much why I’m in this business, and it’s what makes it so rewarding,” enthuses Meyers. “E-shoots include time spent driving between locations, and sometimes include happy hours and the like. Spending the additional time together gives me a better understanding of who you are and that makes a noticeable difference in the quality of your wedding photos.”

As you consider all the great photographers Portland has to offer, consider the importance they place on your relationship and the reasons behind the different shoots they offer. Choosing a photographer focused on providing a great customer experience is equally important as choosing one that is able to create great photographs.

Kevin Meyers Photography.


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